Writer/Directors: The Blaine Brothers

Thriller. Connie is 82, blind; a painter; a former spy. She is being moved into a residential home - where she knows someone is coming to kill her.


Writer: Joy Wilkinson

Comedy. Lancashire 1979. Mrs Thatcher has just won the election, but the most that Gloria Grimshaw can hope for is throwing Avon parties and having a baby... Until a flasher strikes and she is forced to defend herself – by learning karate from Hao at the Chinese takeaway. But Hao isn’t Chinese, and he doesn’t know karate. He’s a Vietnamese master of Phan Bo - bullshit - and he’s about to change Gloria’s world forever. A kick-ass comedy about women, men and unleashing the dragon inside all of us. 


Writer: Joy Wilkinson

Thriller. Résumé writer Phoebe instantly clicks with sexy new client Marcus, until she discovers that his million-dollar profit in Africa could mask a massacre. Phoebe will do anything to unearth the truth, but Marcus and his company will do anything to stop her. Plunged into a shadowy world of corporate crime and personal transgression, can Phoebe get justice for the victims? Or does she really just want to kick-start her career as a journalist? A gripping conspiracy thriller about identity, truth and the lies we all tell about ourselves.